Let's do an Art Auction and stop this stupid virus!!!!

(written Friday, April 3, 2020 - AUCTION runs Sunday 4/5-Sunday 4/12 at midnight)


Dear art lovers,


I know we are all feeling lots of things: scared, nervous, bored, insecure about the future.


And also for some of us, more connected to our housemates and family, more driven to help one another or just do the right thing, social distancing, self-quarantine, self-care [new 2020 terms, wow].

The goal: to slow down this giant invisible enemy we are all collectively facing. Let’s just called it the C word.


I wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying to come up with a way to make what I do, painting art, have a positive impact in all of this and help out with this mess we’re in. Plus, my business has been hit: no gallery showings, no art festivals, no seeing clients. We artists are feeling the squeeze.


And so, what I’ve come up with and have been working on for the past 7 days is this :


1. To have an  Art Auction  of my paintings, at a reduced price to help my neighbors and followers, and to benefit helping organizations, like DirectRelief.org [they are raising money and getting PPE to the front lines health care workers]. I’ll be giving a portion of the sales I make to them.




2. To continue this as a Featured Art Weekly Sale & Auction for the forseeable future. When I run out of finished paintings, I’ll keep making more.


3. To give a FREE print away every week, because we all need some light and joy, and FREE art is a great antidote.

3 Ways to Be entered into the drawing:

1 Go Here, like and comment with a friend's tag


2. Go Here, and Share my post about the Auction


3. Send suggestions for Non-Profits for me to feature - One Feature a Week. If your suggestion Featured, you're in the drawing!



PLEASE consider bidding in the auction. Share my social media links with your friends, tag people, spread joy.  We’re in this fight together. 

I’m not going to lie. I need some sales to survive. So I will keep pouring my heart and joy into my paintings, I just ask you consider how they make you feel and if they give you joy, please go ahead and buy them.


Know that I will make mistakes throughout this campaign, you’ll know that I am a marketing hack at best. Oh well, I am learning. What you can know is that I am a passionate artist in love with color, and my mission is to use what I have for the greatest good to squelch darkness with simple inner joy and delight for anyone who wants or needs it.


I’ve decided to do an art Auction because I do not want to put a cap on the generosity of anyone that can make a big difference through this. Thank you for helping the Charitable non-Profits I’ll be supporting.


Thank you for seeing the value of art and it’s quiet, and powerful force of positivity.


To save you money, the starting price this week will reflect HALF of the retail price I normally ask for. 


Bid generously. 



Thanks for your support to me, and to the helping organizations that we are supporting together. Thanks for taking action with me.





Tif Choate

Owner, Snaiil Candy Art