Baby, it's cold outside

So today has hit a high of 44 degrees outside with some accompanying "snain", as my mom calls it - a good mixture of rain and snow. YUCK! And now that all of the leaves have fallen from the trees, it's so monochromatic outside. Plus, I've got PILES of leaves to rake. UGH!   

I hate to say it but I've got plenty to keep me inside and so I'm not too bummed actually. As November approaches quickly, I am busy like a Christmas elf. I have an informal RECEPTION this coming Saturday where a collection of art pieces are hanging. They're in a nice little café called Bittersweet, in Louisville, CO. Louisville is quite charming and pretty close to home. I've really enjoyed spending time over there this month. It's always nice to know another great coffee shop!

[Come to the Reception: Saturday, November 3rd, 6-9 pm @ Bittersweet Café]

I am also quite busy painting! As the year winds down, my commission jobs ramp up. I am adamant about making sure I finish all of the beautiful dog commission paintings for clients, as most of them are of Christmas presents for their loved ones! I am so happy to get to do this for them, but I think the thing that makes me most happy is that art is a great gift, and I'm getting to further that belief. Giving art is awesome!

Christmas and the holidays are just a few short weeks away. Do you know what would really wow someone you love? The gift of art! Art makes a timeless gift to someone you care about. But how to you choose the right piece?

Consider these 5 steps in choosing the perfect piece of art:

1. Consider the Receipient...

My parents love art that mesmerizes and delights, so their home is filled with bold abstract paintings and sweeping strokes of watercolor on paper. Paying attention to what they already have is a great reference point for choosing.

2. Consider the Space...

For a friend who recently moved in to her very own apartment, an industrial-style loft, I searched for an artwork that adds a soft and romantic reprieve from the exposed brick and copper piping that characterizes her space. Staying mindful that her walls all serve double-duty—there are book shelves, pot racks, and knobs for coats and scarves to hang—I hoped to find a small piece that has high impact.

3. Consider the distance. Are they far away?

Works on paper and photographs can be shipped easily and affordably. Consider buy a fine art print or metal print that can be shipped to their door with ease.

4. Choose a work of art that can be framed easily or requires NO framing....

Professional framing can start at $100 but quickly become more expensive. When searching for a gift, I look at the overall dimensions of the artwork, e.g. the size of the paper, and see if it will fit in a store-bought frame. Most frames come with a mat with a picture opening in a standard size—8 x 10 inches, 5 x 7 inches, etc. To properly present your gift of art, ask your local framer to cut a piece of mat board that fits within the store-bought frame, but has a window that works best with your work of art. Also, a canvas work, especially one with extra wide edges requires no framing. Even better!

5. Consider an artwork that benefits a good cause...

A gift that gives back is one of the most fulfilling presents to give, and receive. Gifting a work of art that supports a nonprofit is like "killing two birds with one stone" you get to give something truly special while letting the recipient know the benefits of the sale. And you get to feel good that you were able to support a cause greater than yourself. It's a win-win!

Now, go find art to give someone for the Holidays!