How to Participate: Online #metoo ART Auction

Please understand, when I began this artwork, it was because I had stumbled upon a story. When I heard it, I felt like crying. At first. Then I was angry. Then confused at what I was supposed to do with this new information. This complex merry-go-round of emotions began to turn my mind and I realized that I had my own story, buried deep, of a time when someone took advantage of my vulnerability and youth. I buried it because I felt alone, and dumb. And dirty. That I had allowed someone, several someones, to take me for a fool and take advantage of me. I was just the idiot that allowed it to happen.

But I am grown. And I know now that the human heart, if left unchecked is a cruel and animal thing. It is by our consciousness and compassion that we choose to be good to one another, that we were born to love one another and be kind. That is a powerful key to living. 

It just doesn't always happen. And people get hurt.

This painting was a birth of seeking out other women who have been stained, violated and otherwise treated less than, to read their stories. I gather strength and bravery from some of these womens' transparency. Some did not get that freedom or luxury. What was done to them wasn't their fault. We are not alone. Women have to stop blaming themselves for others choosing to hurt them. I was moved by 15 of their stories. There are so many more.

READ all 15 of the stories of the women in this work of art HERE

I am auctioning off the Original Painting entitled 'Oh Girl, Me Too.'
48 x 36 inches, acrylic on PRO canvas; It is a multi-directional painting of 15 women and girls, of a multitude of ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses and cultures, all carrying a kindred journey and all have a story to tell.You can purchase a print of this painting on my website under My Latest Work.

A generous portion of the proceeds of this original artwork auction will be donated directly to the me too. movement. Their goal is to empower women who have survived sexual assault and harassment, to shatter the silence and help them begin a road to recovery. Ultimately they, and so do I, want strategies implemented to sustain long term systemic change, a cultural shift in accountability in sexual violent behavior.

I'm asking you to partner with me. Share this. Tag me. Reach out.

But more importantly, we are the generation that says enough!

Men, your influence is more powerful than you understand, you likely know a woman that has been violated, whether you know it or not. Women, we are standing in unity like never before in the history of humankind.

Let's fight for loving one another with respect and honor. It's time to tell our stories.  #me too.

Thank you for partnering with me.   ~Tif