New Art Exhibit Coming in July!! By Love: A Tribute to the "LOVE" mural

I have a new body of work, specifically dedicated to the idea of LOVE. It was first birthed by location. I am returning to the East Simpson Coffee Company, an amazing community hub in Lafayette, CO. Their passion and dedication and LOVE for creating an environment for people to gather succeeds in every way. From art exhibits, live music, serving coffee, tea, wine and beer, plus delicious foods, along with the weekly THURSDAYS living room style gatherings, dance instruction evenings to social justice discussion space; plus the Hive, a back room which offers a reception area for parties and family gatherings, this place is just amazing!! Come to the Art Reception [DETAILS] and check it out!!

I am honored to get to hang my art again in this place. This time I am doing a solo show, dedicated to the large mural that lives in the patio area. This mural, 'Empowered By Love' was originally conceived and commissioned by  Soul Tree Yoga, and painted in 2014 through the Alley Art Amazin' mural program in Lafayette. It has become an anchor for the space and a true sentiment of so many of the patrons. A couple even took marriage vows in front of the mural! Myself and some amazing artists & volunteers in the area collaborated with Soul Tree Yoga and painted the mural for Alley Art Amazin', which is a grass-roots, community & volunteer driven public art mural program in Lafayette.  Meghan Stockdale, owner of the Soul Tree Yoga studio said that love led her and empowered her to open the space, an amazing yoga studio that is another heartbeat in our town.

I hope that if you're in the area, you'll get a chance to come by and see the art exhibit, learn about the heart of the 'Empowered By Love' mural and feel the LOVE! There will be a RECEPTION on July 28th, Saturday from 5-9pm. Let's gather in celebration of LOVE & neighbors, @ ESCC, including a Silent Auction that a portion of the proceeds will go to the #MeToo Movement, an interactive Community Piece and a Sip & Paint Class, taught by my art colleague, Ruth Meere that you can register for HERE

I can't wait to share with you what I've been working on. Viva Amor!