Prepping the Puppers

As winter is moving in to the rockies here in Colorado, I'm spending much more time indoors. For me that means a lot more time in front of my easel.

Yes, happy place!

I've been busy working on my next body of work, well, really a current one, The PUPPER show. I'm really enjoying exploring dog portraits in my favorite style which is "use every possible color and color-combo I can get away with!!!" It's been so fun seeing how many colors I can put together and still look like a natural portrait of a dog! Whoever heard of a dog face with green, purple, gold, red and blue? Well why not?

I'll be having a show coming up in January at Cannon Mine Coffee shop in Lafayette, CO. Announcement for the reception to come... and of course I will be debuting these doggies, for its time to take them out!!

See you then... photos to come, but here's a sneak peak