sunrise230 Asked a good question.

I was planning this piece in a time in my life that no words rung truer than this scripture. It seems as though we are in an exact time for this now. The imagery of rope, it's strength and longevity, was a symbol of trustworthiness. I let my colors fly after that, meditating and painting and letting it become the truth that it is.

Here's a great commentary about the verse, which is a quote from King Solomon, David's son (same David that killed Goliath) who wrote the entire book of Ecclesiastes. During this time after some abuse of power on his part and some wise lessons to follow, He wrote about exposing the vanity of the highest instance of worldly power and grandeur, royal dignity, through the folly of a king. Sound at all familiar?


Ecclesiastes 4:12

And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him
If an enemy, or a thief, or a robber, attack anyone of them, in friendship and fellowship together, and is more than a match for him; both joined together will be able to resist him; so that he shall not succeed in his enterprise, and do the mischief he designed. Thus, when Satan attacks a single believer, which he chooses to do when alone; so he tempted Eve in the garden, and Christ in the wilderness; and one or more fellow Christians know of it, they are capable of helping their tempted friend, by their advice and counsel, they not being ignorant of Satan's devices; and by striving together in their prayers to God for him: so when false teachers make their efforts, as they usually do, Satan like, upon the weaker sex, and, when alone, they too often succeed; but when saints stand fast in one spirit, and strive together for the faith of the Gospel, they stand their ground, withstand the enemy, and maintain truth; 

and a threefold cord is not quickly broken;
 if a family, community, city, or kingdom, are divided against themselves, they cannot stand;   [WOW]. but, if united, in all probability nothing can hurt them. 

The same instruction is given by this threefold cord; while it remains twisted together, it is not easily broke, but if the threads are untwisted and unloosed, they are soon snapped asunder: so persons in religious fellowship, be they more or fewer, while they keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, they are terrible, as an army with banners, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against them. And if this is true of the united love and affections of saints, it must be much more so of the love of Father, Son, and Spirit; that threefold cord, with which the saints are drawn and held; and of which it may be said, that it not only is not quickly broken, but that it cannot be broken at all; and therefore those who are held by it are in the utmost safety. Some apply this to the three principal graces, faith, hope, and love, which are abiding ones; and, though they may sometimes be weak and low in their acts and exercise, can never be lost.