Taking a break from auctions

I'm not sure what you've been doing since our world turned upside down, but I have been working non-stop, like in a frenzy, since early March 2020. I wanted to help make things better. I thought, I know, I'll raise moneys to help those out that are doing good in a much larger scale than I can ever manage. Thus, the auctions. 

I'll admit, some of it has been exciting. The prep, the anticipation. And I am so thankful for the people that have participated, bidded and helped me get the word out.

But I am now exhausted.

And it hasn't been a bed of roses. It's also been wholy disappointing at times. When I pour my heart and soul into the artwork and put every bit of my (limited) knowledge of marketing into it and...nothing.

That has definitely happened more than once. So I'm here to admit I'm burnt out, for the moment, so I'll be stepping back to regroup.

It's actually a good time to do this as summer brings with it outdoor public art. I'm about to start a project for the city of Lafayette, as they are embarking on their first ever utility artwork program. I'll be painting a privately owned utility 3D box that the city is funding, to put art in unexpected places. 

Here's the BEFORE photo. I'll show you the finished piece when it's done.


SO, thank you for your continued support, your interest in what I'm creating. I am a maker. It's what I do. No matter the outcome I will continue to paint. But I hope that this time of rest will provide some insight as to what to do next. 

I think I'll go back to the auctions eventually. I just need to learn how to do these better, reach more people, so that I can make a bigger impact. My mission is to overcome the world's darkness, it's serious corruption and broken spirit with a joyful respite, if only for the present moment, and change the temperature of the room with my art. 


Thanks for reading. Have a peaceful day.  ~Tif