Taking Care of Family. What matters most these days

 Right before Christmas, we lost my father-in-law. We all knew it was coming. He’d been sick since July. My family has been traveling back and forth for the past 6 months anticipating his death. But it doesn’t really matter how much you try to mentally prepare for death. It’s still shocking and heartbreaking. I was planning on helping my mother in law with his care and give her some respite, but his end came before I could get to them. And so I flew to Florida instead to grieve with her and help however I could. I have work, I have end of the year responsibilities & new year jobs to do. There’s plenty to do. But honestly, none of it really matters. I love my mother in law. She matters more.

Love matters. I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks down here in sunny Florida. One, that my kids, still in Colorado, are resourceful and can take care of themselves pretty well. Two, that I’m also capable of juggling stuff in my business even while away. Three, that the death of a companion is a most devastating occurrence, incomprehensible and heart wrenching. There are so many things we take for granted. The loss is huge here. He was so good at taking care of so many things for his wife before his passing. But it seems impossible to think of every thing. And boy, those things make life so hard for the grieving soul left behind. 

If you’re waiting for your commissioned painting from me, I thank you for your patience. Because right now, my mom comes first. I’ll do my best to work extra hard, only after what matters most is given all the time it needs. I don’t want to sound cliche. Love your people, don’t take even a moment for granted. Death is never easy. Thanks for your understanding, I’ll be home when I can.

Much love 💕