Art Auction #3 is coming to an END. What have we accomplished?

As the end of this latest art auction is on it's last day, I can say that I've gotten a lot less sleep. As I learn the ins and outs of running auctions, learning to promote in new engaging ways and also how to ship LARGE paintings across the country, I am seeing that I have a bunch to still learn about running an art business. So what has really been accomplished by this endeavor?


  • I have accomplished a donation to an organization I felt passionate about, and was able to give them $500 from art sales.
  • I have learned to feel completely elated and then totally in doubt all in a single day!
  • I've figured out how not to use Facebook ADS! Ugh!!
  • I am learning to use Time Blocks.

I think one of the biggest lessons is I need to learn better how to manage my time


. On that note, it's 3:00am. Good night (morning).angel