When you just want to paint.

Have you ever had to register intellectual property as an official copyright? It’s a Tedious process. This is one of the many tasks I have taken on in earnest this spring. Mostly because I found my art circulating, illegally, on all kinds of merchandise around the world! It’s so violating to be stolen from, ya know?
I’m also cataloguing all of my artwork, updating my inventory system and organizing. Actually, it’s a lot of yuck! for this creative scatter-brain. I get through the end of some days wondering if I got anything done. Some days I just have to throw in the towel and squeeze out some acrylic on my palette, turn on some Clarinet Factory vibes and get a canvas wet. My mental salve.

I admire all of you administered types. I like to believe I have some skills in that sector of thinking but  I’m only a part-time accountant. Yikes it’s hard! I’ve also been applying for contracts, and writing grant applications. There’s a bunch of behind the scene things that I know in my logical mind are just too much for one person. Yet, I soldier on. 

Speaking of soldiering, I did my civic duty and received my second injection of experimental Covid Cooty Killer. Will it be enough to go back to “normal” ? No idea. I’m not afraid though. No matter what happens, I have an irrevocable one-way ticket to be with my Savior for the rest of eternity. No worries about this short stint in the flesh. That’s another blog....

My husband and oldest son had their 2nd shots yesterday and today they are both suffering with some strange flu! So what do I do? Go willingly get myself infected with the same future misery. Soldier, right? I stopped taking the flu shot years ago, because we were forced to take flu shots in the Army 25 years ago and I got violently ill each time.  No thanks. Yet, here we are.

And here I am. I have been painting so many of your beautiful pets this past year. As much as I love pushing the boundaries of color and making sure I get your dogs eyes looking right at you from any spot in the room, I feel a need to shift, at least for a little while and try new things. I’ve also avoided doing any self portraits since college. The thought is kind of terrifying actually. Talk about judgement and self loathing!

But when you need to rip the band-aid off, you commit and rip. I say go big or go home. So no small drawing in a sketch book I can just tuck in a drawer for occasional private self deprecating sessions. My self portrait is going to big (you can hold me to it). I bought a 6’ x 4’ canvas, it’s bigger than me, which means it’s big enough for ALL of me! I will be painting a full nude selfie.
Did I just type that?!?

Come back for updates. My women’s group that I meet and study with has a saying. ‘Do it afraid’ And here we go!
Are you working on something that makes you a bit afraid...but you're doing it anyway? I want to hear about it.


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