Holiday times are here. Now if only I were an extrovert!

Do you love all of the sparkle, lights and decorations? I do. I also love seeing people that inspire me, make me laugh and are all around interesting. I have such a great local community of fellow artists, entrepreneurs, free thinkers and generous souls. I am lucky for sure. So far this season, I've been to a handful of Christmas and holiday gatherings as many of you have. There is a smattering of laughter mixed with rich culinary treats and festive punches that make you kinda woozy. All of it is good. It's delightful in fact.

But I can tell you, as an introvert, my need for quiet alone time is non-negotiable! Especially after an afternoon or evening out with friends and aquaintances. I spend a lot of my time, either sitting right where I am right now, at my computer desk, while listening to Chet Faker or grooving to some Glass Animals. Or I am contentedly mixing paints, and creating a new piece of art. Alone. Sure, I live with my husband and two grown sons. But when they're out at work and school, I am happily buzzing in my own company. Christmas time is traditionally a time for coming together with those people you like, love and even just met. It's a time for thoughtful gift giving, serving others & reaching into your samaritan soul to help someone in need. The whole thing speaks such good truths, it's important to not get distracted by all of the whirl of consumerism. As a new business owner though, and someone who counts on sales for everything, I understand in a whole new way, the importance of the "fourth quarter hustle".

But I think spending time away from all of the noise and commotion, because, quite frankly, I physically need to, has given me an opportunity to reflect on the real stuff. The quiet of a new snow fall keeps me in awe. The enjoyment of working hard to accomplish a new piece keeps me hungry. The reflection of all I have to be grateful for all around me keeps me humble. And so I am not as anxious I guess. I truly believe called to do this art thing. Nothing has been more pure in my life. And so I think it will all work out, as long as I keep working diligently, I will succeed.


I hope you all know how grateful I am to have you as collectors and fans of my work. That is humbling. I hope that I can continue to paint joyful colorful art that you admire and that moves you. In light of this, I will go back to my painting table and get back to mixing. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, whatever you are celebrating, I hope that it will be merry. Love others, serve others and find joy. Thanks for all your continued support. How are you celebrating this time of year? Comment and tell me what you do for the Holidays....